The Clock Is Ticking . . . .

According to the World Health Organization,
by the year 2020 depression will be the
number two cause of premature death worldwide.

How close are we?


There Is NO Health
Without Mental Health!

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It's Like Eliminating Mental Illness For Free! Print E-mail

Recent Statistics  paint a troubling picture.  Mental illnesses are having a crippling effect on our economy, our society, our businesses. . . our very way of life. Many leading experts from around the world are predicting that this will only get worse in the future.

Your organization is already affected and this will become more significant with each passing day. How many of your employees may not be working to their full potential? How many days of absenteeism are directly attributed to stress, depression, anxiety or other similar mental states in your organization in any given year? How many accidents can be attributed to the same causes? For a quick insight into how much money your organization is losing each and every year as a result of DEPRESSION ALONE click hereu> to access the Cognimmune Depression Cost Calculator.  It will take you less than 30 seconds to fill out a form that will create an anonymous, customized projection specific to YOUR organization.

You see, the result of mental impairments like those listed above is reduced productivity, higher rates of absenteeism, increased accident rates, impaired decision making and rising health insurance, health care and disability costs to name but a few.  Each of these negatively impacts your organization's bottom line and this is reflected in overall profitability, shareholder value and public perception.  There is a way to eliminate many of these costs and you can start doing it TODAY!

To begin with you need to understand just how much mental illness is currently costing your organization.  If you haven't done so already, you should access our online Depression Calculator. If nothing else, the results may motivate you to take appropriate action immediately.  After all, it's never too early to start saving money.

Suppose you could implement a program that would:

  • Improve the mental and emotional states of ALL your employees

  • Increase employee productivity - and not just among employees who are suffering mild or severe mental illnesses

  • Reduce absenteeism, health care, disability and insurance costs

  • Improve profitability and shareholder value

  • Retain valuable employees

And suppose you could pay for the program with the money your organization saved.  In fact, you could actually make a positive return on the initial investment!  In other words, it would not be like eliminating a host of mental illnesses FOR FREE but rather like MAKING A PROFIT by doing so. 

Does all this sounds too good to be true? In fact it is easier to achieve than you might imagine.  But before you can begin you will need to make a slight shift in the way YOU currently perceive mental and emotional well being.

What would you say if we were to tell you that the best way to fight mental illness is through prevention? No, this is not an outrageous proposition. We already combat a host of diseases through the use of immunization programs so, as a society, we realize that the best way to combat illnesses is through a program of aggressive prevention.

Although in the past we have not examined mental illness treatment regimens the same way as we have for physical illnesses, it is possible to take steps to prevent many of them from manifesting into chronic or debilitating episodes requiring treatment. Treatment that is expensive, disruptive and very time consuming.  You only have to take a quick glance at the numbers of people suffering from mental illness in any given year to understand the scope of the associated hard and soft costs associated with it.  And no matter the size of your organization you have people who fall into this category.  This being so, it only makes moral and financial sense to adopt an aggressive and sustained proactive approach.

And this is where Cognimmune comes in. Through our work with leading researchers and organizations committed to the treatment of mental illnesses we have developed programs to prevent the onset of mental illness and now these programs are available to you.  To find out more about Cognimmune and the services we provide simply click here to view a detailed presentation.  Or, you can always contact us.  Whatever you choose, Cognimmune is ready, willing and able to help your organization 

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SAMHSA's Resource Center to Promote Acceptance, Dignity and Social Inclusion Associated with Mental Health