The Clock Is Ticking . . . .

According to the World Health Organization,
by the year 2020 depression will be the
number two cause of premature death worldwide.

How close are we?


There Is NO Health
Without Mental Health!

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The 2006 Business and Economic Plan for Mental Health and Productivity is a history. It is also a map for directing us how to implement a plan for dealing with mental illness when it manifests itself in the workplace.

It is the story of how literally hundreds of experts, business people, government people and individuals, who are concerned about mental illnesses in the workplace, have shared their knowledge and expertise to develop a persuasive conversation about what must be accomplished in changing the way we deal with mental illness in the workplace.

As a result, this paper explores rationale and ethical and corporate responsibilities. It also sets out a framework for defining the problem and the principled systems for action. What remains is to continue to implement these creative solutions and to evaluate and refine their implication so that the effects of workplace mental illnesses are mitigated.

Since 1998, Canada has been home to the development of a business and economic strategy to promote mental health and reduce the disabling effects of depression, anxiety disorders and substance abuse.

Canada has the knowledge and tools to significantly improve our prevention, recognition, treatment and reintegration strategies in relation to employees with psychiatric disabilities.

Therefore, this document defines, in depth, the problems and solutions associated with mental illness as well as comorbid conditions in a knowledge-based economy.

This document travels from general facts to specific interventions. It calls for a re-shaping of workplace practices in a brain-based economy so that employees are treated like the assets that they are.

This information is a compilation of the work that has been accomplished, since its inception, by the Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health. It includes the facts and rationale for intervention in the problem of dealing with workplace mental health and illness.

After the introductions of the subject, the paper is divided into four parts that will help you decide which section might interest you.

This is must read material for anyone in a management role in any field of activity.  To read the entire report click here.

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