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by Alec Wade -

New Courses for the IDEA program have been recently posted. Take a look today.

Available courses

Using The I.D.E.A. Program

An introduction to understanding the theory behind and using the IDEA Program in daily life.

This is a Foundational Course and it is highly recommended that you complete this course before proceeding to the next course in this series.

Theory of Thought

Ideas are defined as "any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity." Ideas are the result of our cognitive processes. Cognitive processes is the scientific definition of thoughts. Our thoughts give rise to ideas. And, more often than not, our ideas…

Identifying and Understanding the 10 Fallacious Assumptions

In this course you will learn what the 10 Fallacious Assumptions are as well as how to identify them in every day situations. It is highly recommended that you complete this course before attempting any of the other courses in the IDEA program as the remainder of courses in this section assume an u…

Identifying The 10 Fallacious Assumptions In Real Life Situations

(This course is OPTIONAL but we highly recomment that you take it - either now or at a later time - as it will help you gain proficiency in the identification of the 10 Fallacious Assumptions.) In this course you will learn how to identify the10 Fallacious Assumptions in every day situations. It is…

Managing "Automatic Thoughts"

Your thoughts are simply your interpretation of the world you experience. Things happen to us all. But they are just that – things. They are neither good nor bad in and of themselves. They become good, bad or neutral according to how we choose to interpret them. In this course you will be introdu…

Managing and Controlling Automatic Thoughts and Their Impact on Daily Life

In this course we will examine Automatic Thoughts as they relate to specific events that occur in our daily lives. A fundamental problem with Automatic Thoughts is the damage that they cause by the way they manipulate our emotional responses to daily situations. This wouldn't necessarily be a probl…

Strategies For Coping With Fallacious Assumptions That Effect You

In the last few lessons we worked with the Automatic Thoughts Worksheet. One of the columns on this worksheet had you identify the Fallacious Assumption, or assumptions, that were at the root of each Automatic Thought. As you work through this course you will continue to identify situations and the…

Managing Our Self Critical Thoughts

Early on in this program we demonstrated that the purpose of Automatic Thoughts – that constant chatter that swirls around in our minds - is not to benefit us. In fact, their purpose often seems to be exactly the opposite. Their primary purpose seems to be to make us feel badly about ourselves, q…

Basic Anger Management

Coming Soon. Anger management is important to leading a well balanced life. At some point we all feel overwhelmed and frustrated and this can lead to unwanted outbursts of anger. Anger is always destructive to ourselves, our relationships and our daily lives. While this course is not an in depth pr…

Building Self Esteem

Coming Soon. Healthy Self Esteem is essential to leading a well balanced life. This course will help you explore healthy Self Esteem and develop the skills necessary to improve your self image. While this course is not part of the Cognimmune IDEA program, the lessons and exercises it contains will …

Overcoming Guilt

This course coming soon.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Coming soon. Clinical studies have documented both physical- and mental-health benefits of mindfulness in different patient categories as well as in healthy adults and children. Research studies have shown a positive relationship between trait mindfulness (which can be cultivated through the practi…

Meditation Made Easy

Coming soon. Meditation can be a great way to manage and prevent stress and a variety of mental disorders. Some may find embarking on this practise daunting. For that reason we are pleased to present a basic introduction to meditation including: Theory Tecniques Resources Guided practices

Your Current Mental Status

Explanations of the 10 Fallacious Assumptions detailed in our online COVID-19 self-assessment.