There are hard costs associated with depression and these impact your organization each and every year. There are visible costs such as the cost of healthcare and treatment and hidden costs such as lost productivity due absenteeism and presenteeism. Depression can also effect other members of your staff who may be required to do extra work to make up for the reduced productivity of their depressed peers. This can create an erosion of morale which is impossible to attach a cost to. Also, there are the costs associated with employee turnover, recruitment, hiring and training. All these costs can add up.

The form below will provide you with an approximate snapshot of how much depression could be costing your organization. The results are based on the most currently available research.

What will not be reflected in your results are “comorbidity” costs such as the cost of depression associated with other serious illnesses such as diabetes. Also, these represent only the primary costs associated with depression and do not include other serious mental illnesses such as stress, anxiety, PTSD and others or any of the ancillary costs listed above.

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*Daily Salary Per Employee is the average pay PER DAY per employee. An hourly paid employee earning $20.00 would have a Daily Salary of $160.00 ($20.00 x 8 hours = $160.00) while an employee earning $50,000 per year would have a Daily Salary of $200.00 ($50,000 divided by 50 weeks [assuming 2 weeks holidays per year] divided by 5 days per week = $200.00 per day) For greatest accuracy this figure should be an estimated average daily salary for employees across your entire organization.