Fallacious Assumptions?

Fallacious comes from the word fallacy. It means “acceptance of a belief based on deceptive or misleading information”. Often this information is logically unsound but, for some reason, we choose to accept it as fact.

Which brings us to the term “Fallacious Assumptions”. As the name implies, these are assumptions, based on deceptive or misleading information which we choose to accept as fact. The danger in this acceptance arises when these assumptions are about our self worth. If we accept an idea like, “I didn’t get a promotion at work so I will be in this dead end job forever” with no evidence to support this, it becomes a belief that we hold as an integral concept of who we are. Such thoughts are both negative and destructive. Over time they can create unnecessary adversity in our lives. They chip away at our self esteem and erode our self worth. This can lead to dejection, despondency, depression and a variety of mental illnesses.

But there is encouraging news. Fallacious Assumptions are thoughts. And thoughts are things that we can control. Consider the fact that we somehow learn to create and embrace Fallacious Assumptions. So it follows that we should also be able to create and embrace a more positive and nurturing state of being.  All that most people need is direction and instruction. The directions are not complicated but they do require effort.

If you believe that you are entitled to a more positive image of who and what you are, what you can be, and what your true value – to yourself and others – actually is, we can help by providing the directions needed to succeed in this endeavor. To succeed all you need is desire and commitment. If you are willing to provide these we can help you learn to lead a more fulfilling and positive life.

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