What’s In a Name?

Cognimmune? It must mean something. And, indeed, it does.

The dictionary describes cognition as:

  1. the act or process of knowing; perception.
  2. the product of such a process; something thus known, perceived, etc.
  3. knowledge.

Immune is defined as:

  1. protected from a disease or the like, as by inoculation.
  2. exempt or protected.
  3. not responsive or susceptible.

Combining these two words gives us CognImmune. This is the act of immunizing our thoughts (cognitions) from thinking errors (Fallacious Assumptions) that give rise to a host of mental and emotional illnesses.

A long accepted medical doctrine maintains that the best way to treat illness – any kind of illness – is by preventing it from happening. We exercise, watch our diet, get regular physical check ups and vaccinated against a host of illnesses. All this in a effort to impede the onset of illness.

(Learn more about this concept here.)

And while this does a lot to maintain a healthy physical existence, what about our equally important mental health? Suppose there was a method by which we could prevent becoming ill menatlly much the same way we do to avoid becoming ill physically? The fact is, that it is possible.

And that is the primary objective of Cognimmune. The organization was born out of a desire to aid people in such a way that they could avoid the pain and suffering brought on by mental illness and the, often times, years needed for recovery.

The basic premise is simple. There are long standing and proven treatment methods available to cure mental illness. Once the illness subsides these methods are used to help maintain a healthy state of mind. Which raises an obvious question. Why not use these same techniques to avert mental illness in the first place? And if  averting it proves difficult or impossible, for whatever reason, then alert an individual that they may be on the path to a mild or serious mental episode. Understanding they are on such a trajectory will equip them to seek out appropriate assistance in a timely manner.